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Preface to Vic & Sade

Author:Len Ayers
Publication Date:Mar 2014
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Subjects: Literary Criticism,
Humor, Satire
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Book Description:
Preface to Vic and Sade provides scholarly treatment of the old time radio program Vic and Sade and its author Paul Rhymer (1905-1964). The book sheds new light on traditional assumptions about humor, literature, and literary theory, and it situates Vic and Sade within a contemporary context.

Radio serial comedy in the early 1930s consisted mainly of a man and his wife trading insults for 15 minutes. We thought we could get humor out of a program on which a man and his wife might love each other.
- C.L. Menser (NBC director of programming)

I am very very impressed. Mr. Ayers' command of the history and his description of people's personalities and motives is quite amazing. Much of it I was unaware of but it all makes logical sense. Congratulations on this work of scholarship. It was fascinating to read.
- David Whitehouse (Russell Miller of Vic and Sade)

Fascinating! Mr. Ayers' coverage is most different from the usual books about radio programs. Whereas the books about radio programs usually deal with cast lists, production facts and broadcast logs, his certainly goes a lot deeper into the analysis of Rhymer's writing.
- J. David Goldin (Radio veteran)

5 of 5 stars. A well-deserved academic treatment of the major work of the brilliant Paul Rhymer. Eagerly awaiting the first folio!
- John Nondorf (Wisconsin Historical Society)

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V&S Program Log (Abridged)

Author:Len Ayers
Publication Date:2017
Publisher:Len Ayers Books
Book Format:Paperback
Dimensions:6 x 9 x 1
Book Description:

Vic and Sade was broadcast from 1932 to 1946 and then sporadically until 1957. This book lists and describes the surviving Vic and Sade episodes and scripts in chronological broadcast order as written by Paul Rhymer (1905-1964).

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V&S Logbooks 1,2,3

Author:Len Ayers
Publication Date:Mar 2014
Book Format:Paperback
Dimensions:8 x 11 x 3
Book Description:

The Vic and Sade logbooks chronicle all known extant episodes, scripts, and scripts fragments of the Vic and Sade radio program. Details include: a brief description and complete synopsis, script details useful for identification of episodes, dates, stenographic information, page counts, cross references with other episodes, character lists, sponsors, other notes pertinent to individual episodes, and more.

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