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Preface to Vic & Sade

I am currently entertaining consideration for the distribution of a paperback edition of Preface to Vic and Sade. If you are interested in helping the Preface reach a wider audience at affordable prices, please contact me at where hopefully we can come to terms. Thank you.

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Collected Vic & Sade

Author:Paul Rhymer
Prepared by:Len Ayers
Publication Date:TBA
Book Format:Hardback
Words:6.1 million
Subjects: Vic and Sade, Radio Plays,
Humor, Satire, and Comedy
Book Description:

Anticipated by the Preface to Vic and Sade detailed above, the complete Vic and Sade writings of Paul Rhymer are print-ready.

Format is negotiable but I recommend either production script layout (as it was originally used) in quarto binding, or the more reader-friendly octavo layout, or a multi-column folio layout. A prestige or luxury edition is also a possibility.

The anthology consists of all known unique extant Vic and Sade episodes inclusive of a dozen or so fragments. The entire corpus comprises just over six-million words. The exact number of pages and volumes required will be dependent upon layout, text size, line spacing, etc. Please address expressions of interest to

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